Protect your data with Antistalker

From spyware detection to threats blocking, camera and microphone monitoring, permission manager, root check and antitheft, Antistalker helps you take control over your data.

Security scan

Detect spyware, data trackers and rooted device.

Real-Time detection

Detect vulnerabilities and
threats in real-time.

Block threats

Block malicious apps from sending data to the internet.

On-device security

On-device analysis without sharing user data to the cloud.

Antistalker Features

Security Scan

Detects spyware, rooted devices, data trackers or suspicious domains.

Data Monitoring

Monitors when and which apps send data to the internet by creating a local VPN.

Threat Block

Block apps from sending data to the internet when you don't use them to be protected from spyware.

Camera & Mic Monitoring

Monitors when and which apps use your camera or microphone.

Mute Microphone

Mutes microphone so apps don't record you without your knowledge.

Anti-theft Alarm

An alarm is activated when someone moves your phone or removes it from the phone charger.

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