Ayushman Singh

Ayu is a Bachelor of Technology Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Pranveer Singh Institute Technology, Kanpur. He works as a community Manager and engages with diverse sets of people on social media platforms as well as in real life to better understand the data security and data privacy concerns, needs and expectations of the people in digital age and how companies can build better security and privacy products and be more transparent and upfront about the core issues concerning security with respect to digital consumer products.
Ayu is of friendly and simple nature who is always curious and loves to ask interesting and deep questions and engage with people to search for their answers. He absolutely loves to write to unleash his creativity both through penmanship as well as digital mode. Even more than that, he loves to analyze everything and contemplate on their most deep aspects to generate knowledge to enlighten and empower himself and grow spiritually. He is fond of collecting stationary items and in general organizing all his belongings and disciplining his life in a coherent, natural and harmonious way. He is also a privacy and security enthusiast and this interest of his has landed him in his job and his role in Malloc and he is concerned about how positive aspects of technology can empower civilization and humanity which certainly involves privacy and security over surveillance, censorship and breach of integrity and confidentiality of digital assets and intrusion into lives of people. Ayu believes in the love in and the beauty of heart and soul of all life and stands for peace and prosperity of all.

Community Manager